DESSERTBREAKFAST has teamed up with coffee farmers to introduce a whole new take on the Blue Mountain Coffee experience.

DESSERTBREAKFAST can unequivocally state we provide each and every consumer 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee straight from the Blue Mountains. There is absolutely no blending of the coffee beans, each bag is certified and of the highest quality/standard.

There’s an intense nose pleasing aroma of nutty chocolate, caramel, citrus with a sweet wine finish. Very unique among other coffees. This distinction is only possible due to the nutrient rich soil and unique micro climate, first and foremost! Coupled with the rigid cultivation process on rugged steep slopes, our beans go through a very strict and selective process of grading and sorting the healthiest of beans.

The Blue Mountain® Coffee label represents coffee perfection. Recognized for it’s apex quality and meticulous process from the cherry to your cup. We’re not interested in compromising the integrity of your coffee by blending with lesser quality beans as other companies have demonstrated. It is this commitment to tradition DESSERTBREAKFAST proudly follows as a single origin coffee bean.

No coffee is the same! It takes virtual ideal situations to produce great coffee. It truly is a delicate and dedicated process. As the old adage, “Location, Location, Location“, states, it’s never more true for coffee. The topography and soil of the blue mountains are simply ideally suited for exceptional coffee.



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